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Through our extensive network and cooperation with reliable and reputable partners at home and abroad, we always guarantee the best quality and the right price. Choose from a huge range at home and abroad of both residential and recreational real estate, which is updated daily and adjusted, allow you to make the right choice. 

However, you save the sometimes complicated purchase process and to protect you from the proverbial "snakes in the grass", we accompany you come back during the whole process and ensure you no worries through the bureaucratic mill; for acquisition abroad each country has its own laws and rules.

To convince you, we invite you to one of our fully organized guided tours, as better than the best folder or photo is looking at herself and approve.

Candidate buyers we accompany personally during the inspection tour, we will provide you with all our knowledge and experience and take you time in making this important decision. Together we achieve the selected houses or apartments and help you make the right decision with our experience.

Real estate, becoming the safest investment ... ask us about the possibilities!

Kusadasi Holiday Homes

Come and join us on a 4 night all inclusive inspection trip !