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A house in the sun, the dream for many people and a good investment for those who have put aside some money.

Who only just surf the net will find several providers of real estate sales in Turkey. But make no mistake. Real estate in Turkey is a very special business. Buying a home in your own country, in a language that you speak, has been a challenge. Immo in Turkey buy is obviously much more.

If you speak the Turkish language, you can search in Turkish newspapers and advertisement leaflets and there are English-language newspapers in which real estate is offered for sale in Turkey. But in practice, many people will end up with a Dutch broker.


Also know the Turks themselves to real estate in Turkey is attractive, and there are heaps of real estate agents who have a very diverse offering in their portfolio: apartments, villas, renovation, new construction, you name it. For someone who has little experience to be found in the purchase of real estate in Turkey is far from obvious that a road. Not deceived to come out afterwards, it is essential that you are looking for advice from professionals. Brokers who speak your own language, the country of destination and the laws that prevail there and know you from beginning to end to assist in the sales process.


Property in Turkey is especially attractive because of its pleasant climate that prevails in the country. Just because it is such a popular destination, several northern Europeans want to buy a house in Turkey. So you will not be alone and quickly find people with whom you can exchange experiences.


Buy a house in Turkey, do not you one two three. But with proper guidance it is a lot easier. Moreover, you know what youre getting. Probably you know Turkey as a holiday destination. To seek advice from someone who knows the region and the real estate market well, you know the area that you think really an ideal destination to settle down or to stay more often or for long periods.

An expert can also help with the right price for a house in Turkey. House prices in the south are anyway very different from house prices in more northern countries. And the exact location can have a huge impact: near a large access road, close to the beach, parking lot or a little, the presence of shops and so on all affect the price of your future home in Turkey.

One thing is certain: if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. So do not walk blindly into beautiful speeches from local brokers. Take an expert under the arm you speak their own language, who knows the region, prices, and the state of affairs in Turkey and who can help find the best property for your needs, at the best conditions.

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